Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve dropped the ball on my videos. I’ve spent some time considering what I want to do with this blog. It was originally a way for me to track research on projects that crossover from Cinema to Gaming and back. With technology turning so fast, I got caught up in the weekly grind of news and “of interest” asset store items. I installed forum software but I immediately found myself deleting spam and blocking robot accounts.

I’m not set up to be a news site and I don’t want to be a forum monitor. There were also so many things to learn and tools to explore, none of which I was sharing in blog posts. Esoteric discussions about interactivity and game design were quickly bumped by the latest gadgets. Somewhere along the way I lost VR and 360° Video. I never wanted to be copy/pasting press releases. It’s all interesting, but I have to pull back. I’ll clean up this blog, so the info is a little easier to navigate.

I’m migrating my video blog over to YouTube to establish a weekly news show. Please stand by….