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Siggraph 2017 – Real-time Cinematics & Storytelling

Adam Myhill, Head of Cinematics at Unity Technologies, gives insights into the revolution of real-time cinematics and storytelling using Cinemachine and Timeline.


Transfer Mixamo Fuse 1.3 content to Adobe Fuse CC

Transfer legacy figures, clothing, and hair from Mixamo Fuse 1.3 to Adobe Fuse CC
A step-by-step video tutorial for beginners.

  • Recover the old Mixamo Fuse base bodies and missing content!
  • Add some funky (slightly lower-res) figures to Adobe Fuse CC!
    (Muscular, Thin, Stocky, and Teen figures)
  • 100% Compatible with Adobe Fuse CC. Use PBR substances and the new skin shader!
  • Mix-and-match old with new figures! Share the heads and body parts! Fuse don’t care!
  • Fusette” from Mixamo 1.3 is NUDE!!! Omigosh, what–? Did you say NUDE? Yes, nude!

How much is this going to cost me? NOTHING! It’s FREE on Steam! Go download it now!

If you like this tutorial click like (thumb?) or comment, and I’ll make some more.


Michael Mateas – How New Playable Models from Recent Work on AI Can Enable New Types of Serious Games

Aug 25, 2013 –– Together with a few collegues, Michael created the interactive story “Façade“, an interactive drama about the relations between three persons in a small flat. Michael holds the MacArthur Chair at University of California, Santa Cruz and runs their Expressive Intelligence Studio where they explore the intersection of artificial intelligence, art and design. “Our goal is to create compelling new forms of interactive art and entertainment that provide more deeply autonomous, generative and dynamic responses to interaction”, says Michael. His talk is titled “How New Playable Models from Recent Work on AI Can Enable New Types of Serious Games, i.a. Games about Human Rights”. The lecture is given as part of the course “Human Rights in Serious Games”.

Panel: The Present & Future of Narrative in Games

EGX Rezzed, panel session on the present and future of narrative in games. April 2016.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s John Walker hosts a discussion on story in games. The panellists are Inkle founder Jon Ingold, Interactive Fiction writer Emily Short, and Chris Gardiner Head Writer at Failbetter Games.