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Triplegangers Face Scans

triplegangers® provide cutting edge 3D Scans, character models, 3D and 2D Reference materials to aid the creation of virtual avatars for film and computer games studios as well as freelance artists. Their store features 315 photogrammetry faces.

Game Hair

eggrey88 on CGtrader 24 styles. $30-$50 172 styles $10-$20

Elza on Cubebrush 15 styles, $30

Script for importing Adobe Fuse character model into Unity (fixes materials)

A common beginner’s complaint in the Fuse forums is the confusion of how to set up Unity’s Standard Shader to interpret alpha channels. The Standard Shader has four opacity modes: Opaque, Cutout, Fade, and Transparent. Unity detects the alpha channel in the Fuse textures and defaults to transparent – appropriate for glasses but not hair or eyelashes.

Saulth created a script to simplify the import workflow of Adobe (Mixamo) Fuse CC figures in Unity. In addition to fixing the opacity issues, the script will also:

  • Set shader render modes correctly per material
  • Create new materials for Eyes and Eyelashes
  • Correct the MetallicAndSmoothness map (has inverted alpha)
  • Set texture import settings correctly (alpha channel, normal maps)
  • Set smoothness per material to roughly match visuals in Adobe Fuse CC (beta)
  • Create prefab ready for easy use

Download the script from the Unity Forums:
Script for importing Adobe Fuse character model into Unity (fixes materials)

SALSA Phoneme Series

SALSA by Crazy Minnow Studios uses 4 phonemes based on volume.

  • SayRest
  • SaySmall
  • SayMedium
  • SayLarge

Rollover or touch the assignments to see the mouth shapes: