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Game Hair

eggrey88 on CGtrader 24 styles. $30-$50 172 styles $10-$20

Elza on Cubebrush 15 styles, $30

Script for importing Adobe Fuse character model into Unity (fixes materials)

A common beginner’s complaint in the Fuse forums is the confusion of how to set up Unity’s Standard Shader to interpret alpha channels. The Standard Shader has four opacity modes: Opaque, Cutout, Fade, and Transparent. Unity detects the alpha channel in the Fuse textures and defaults to transparent – appropriate for glasses but not hair or eyelashes.

Saulth created a script to simplify the import workflow of Adobe (Mixamo) Fuse CC figures in Unity. In addition to fixing the opacity issues, the script will also:

  • Set shader render modes correctly per material
  • Create new materials for Eyes and Eyelashes
  • Correct the MetallicAndSmoothness map (has inverted alpha)
  • Set texture import settings correctly (alpha channel, normal maps)
  • Set smoothness per material to roughly match visuals in Adobe Fuse CC (beta)
  • Create prefab ready for easy use

Download the script from the Unity Forums:
Script for importing Adobe Fuse character model into Unity (fixes materials)


SALSA Phoneme Series

SALSA by Crazy Minnow Studios uses 4 phonemes based on volume.

  • SayRest
  • SaySmall
  • SayMedium
  • SayLarge

Rollover or touch the assignments to see the mouth shapes:

Preston Blair Phoneme Series

LipSync Pro by Rogo Digital uses the 10 Preston Blair phonemes. Audio is analyzed and phonemes are keyframed to match.

rollover/touch the Phonemes to see the mouth shapes

  • AI
  • E
  • U
  • O
  • FV
  • L
  • MBP
  • WQ
  • Rest