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Transfer Mixamo Fuse 1.3 content to Adobe Fuse CC

Transfer legacy figures, clothing, and hair from Mixamo Fuse 1.3 to Adobe Fuse CC
A step-by-step video tutorial for beginners.

  • Recover the old Mixamo Fuse base bodies and missing content!
  • Add some funky (slightly lower-res) figures to Adobe Fuse CC!
    (Muscular, Thin, Stocky, and Teen figures)
  • 100% Compatible with Adobe Fuse CC. Use PBR substances and the new skin shader!
  • Mix-and-match old with new figures! Share the heads and body parts! Fuse don’t care!
  • Fusette” from Mixamo 1.3 is NUDE!!! Omigosh, what–? Did you say NUDE? Yes, nude!

How much is this going to cost me? NOTHING! It’s FREE on Steam! Go download it now!

If you like this tutorial click like (thumb?) or comment, and I’ll make some more.



Character Animator

Adobe is previewing a head-tracking 2D-character animation tool called Character Animator. The program imports layered Photoshop or Illustrator files and performs a real-time lipsync and expression tracking. Character Animator will be bundled with Adobe After Effects.


Unity 5 Real-Time GI Lighting Demo: The Courtyard

There is no baked lighting in this scene

The demo relies on Precomputed Realtime GI and realtime lighting throughout. It has a full time-of-day cycleemissive geometry, about 100 animated spotlights that come alive at night, as well as a number of floodlights on stands and an optional player flashlight. The time-of-day cycle uses an animated skybox that is synchronized with the sun in order to capture the subtle lighting changes.

Created by Alex Lovett (Concept, Direction, Art Direction, Lighting, Environment art, Scripting) and Thomas Pasieka (3D Art). More more at


Family Business

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