ADAM – Production Design For The Real-Time Short Film

The Unity blog is launching a series of articles about the making of their latest demo, ADAM. Over the course of the next several weeks, they will cover various aspects of production: concept art, assets production, in-engine setup, animation pipeline, VFX, and custom features as well as the tools they created for the project.

Georgi Simeonov was responsible for a lot of the art direction and production design on ADAM. He previously worked as a concept artist on games like Brink, Batman: Arkham origins, and Dirty Bomb as well as designing Volund for the Blacksmith Demo.

Adam is set in a future where human society is transformed by harsh biological realities and civilization has shrunk to a few scattered, encapsulated communities clinging to the memory of greatness.
Adam, as our main character, was the starting point of our visual design process. He was designed to provide a glimpse into the complex backstory of the world, by revealing himself as a human prisoner whose consciousness has been trapped in a cheap mechanical body.


And at Unite Europe 2016 Zdravko Pavlov, Robert Cupisz, and Krasimir Nechevksi share their production process for graphics, animation, and vfx on the “Adam” demo, including Unity’s upcoming sequencer tool.