Emily Short – Five Strategies for Collaborating with Machines

Interactive fiction author Emily Short created a procedural generator for her project The Annals of the Parrigues – a spoof of quirky English guide books.

In her system she created 5 symbolic categories:

  • Salt – dray, organized, orderly, colorless
  • Beeswax – busy, diverse, warm, artisanal, chaotic
  • Venom – brightly colored, ornate, sneaky, deceitful
  • Mushroom – fertile, fermenting, growing and decaying
  • Egg – simple, hierarchical, elegant, exclusive

AXMA Story Maker JS

Axmasoft has released version 7 of AXMA Story Maker which is written in JavaScript and runs JS code in-game. Media options includes sprites, backgrounds, music, and choice questions, built with a node and popup window interface.

The English documentation isn’t available yet (the original is in Russian). The AXMA editor runs both online and in a downloadable standalone version for Windows, OsX, and Linux.

A pro-account allows export of HTML and modification of the exported website code. 

€19.90 https://axma.info/en/

ZWrap Plugin for ZBrush

ZWrap is a plugin for ZBrush that allows you to automatically fit a pre-existing topology to your models. With an easy-to-use interface, it greatly speeds up a process of converting your characters and 3D-scans into a production-ready topology.

Supported ZBrush versions: 4R8, 2018, 2018.1
Platforms: Win64
Graphics card: OpenGL 2.1 and higher