iPhone X vs Mixamo: Blend Shapes Smackdown

I compare the iPhone X blend shapes with Mixamo blend shapes! My suggestions for remapping with Face Cap to a stock Adobe Fuse figure with Auto-rigger blend shapes. Plus, some history on how these 2 systems evolved and types of blend shapes typically found on 3D figures.

I made a child for Adobe Fuse

I demo the child body base I made for Adobe Fuseā€¦.

My puppet head is a bit wobbly because I’m running too many real-time apps on my computer.

Blend Shape Builder for Unity

It is a tool to create blend shape on Unity. In addition to synthesizing existing models, you can also edit vertices on Unity and blend shape it.
Also, it can generate special blend shape targets such as synthesis of only normals, only the vertex position, and has the function to write an existing blend shape as a separate mesh for each target.


A deep dive into the Fuse texture room. The substanceā„¢ skin generator in Fuse is really nice but (as far as I know) undocumented. I spent a few weeks last summer studying the tool and got much better textures for my figures, so I’ve put together this talk to share what I learned. It’s long (1hr), and assumes you are already familiar with Fuse.