Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction

Spring Thing Festival opens today, April 4.

The Spring Thing is a long-running tradition in the parser IF community. Starting in 2014, Aaron A. Reed took over organizing the event, and with the 2015 season, revamped the Thing to be a festival instead of a competition.

The goal is to make it a space where people working on all kinds of text games can come together to celebrate making, releasing, and playing new stuff.



Bellus3D FaceApp allows for effortless face scanning using the depth sensor on the latest iPhone and iPad Pro devices. The feature is similar to taking a selfie, as the app instructs you to turn your head, capturing ear to ear, automatically smoothing and stitching both the 3D data and the device’s color camera. Results are available in seconds, with none of the holes and missing polygons of most scanning software.

The iPhone app is free to try. An in-app purchase allows exports of the face scans in OBJ, PLY, GLB, and STL 3D file formats. Each one-time fee of $8 allows unlimited exports for 30 days.

For Windows and Android devices, a USB-c add-on sensor is available with twice the scanning resolution.


AXMA Story Maker JS

Axmasoft has released version 7 of AXMA Story Maker which is written in JavaScript and runs JS code in-game. Media options includes sprites, backgrounds, music, and choice questions, built with a node and popup window interface.

The English documentation isn’t available yet (the original is in Russian). The AXMA editor runs both online and in a downloadable standalone version for Windows, OsX, and Linux.

A pro-account allows export of HTML and modification of the exported website code. 

€19.90 https://axma.info/en/