The People’s Film Festival 2018

The People’s Film Festival MAY 31- JUNE 3, 2018 in Harlem, NY, celebrates the power of the media when placed in the hands of the people.

The People’s Film Festival is an annual 4-Day event designed to showcase the best in independent films, music & art. It’s comprised of film screenings including virtual reality, panel discussions, music showcases and an award ceremony—celebrating the work of both emerging and established filmmakers, producers, and videographers—reflecting traditional and avant-garde style films with an emphasis on films that integrate multiple digital platforms using today’s new media & technology.

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Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade

Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade featuring Storyscapes – explore and celebrate the art found in the virtual world. With 30 virtual reality (VR) and innovative interactive projects on display, Tribeca Immersive presents thought-provoking experiences and installations from top creators and emerging artists, including 20 world premieres.

Storyscapes, which celebrates its fifth year this spring, was created in 2013 to bridge filmmaking, technology, and storytelling. At the 2017 Festival, the Storyscapes juried showcase will continue to present new trends and innovative work across mediums that integrate various forms of audience participation with six VR and interactive installations focusing on emotion and the human experience. The projects tackle topics including an exploration of autobiography in VR, a hunger to connect with the world around us, recounting life in a concentration camp, perception and identity, and the secret lives of strangers.

Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade will be held April 21 – 29, 2017 on the fifth floor of the Tribeca Festival Hub located at Spring Studios, 50 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013.

The People’s Film Festival, Harlem NY

The Peoples Film Festival (TPFF) is a 4-Day annual film festival designed to showcase the best in independent films from around the world.The festival features screenings from emerging producers, videographers, and filmmakers from all over the world, reflecting both traditional and avant-garde style films, with an emphasis on films that integrate multiple digital platforms using today’s new media & technology.

Tech People Expo is a free event within the festival that will feature a VR Lounge, Tech Exhibitors, VR and 360° Films, Workshops and Guest Panels. Julia De Burgos Performance & Arts Center June 3, 12–8pm

El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, AMC MJ Theater, Maysles Cinema, Julia De Burgos Performance & Arts Center
El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 – 215 E 99th St, New York, NY 10029 / AMC MJ THEATER – 2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd, at 125 St / Maysles Cinema – 343 Malcolm X Blvd. /Lenox Ave at 127th St / Julia De Burgos Performance & Arts Center – 1680 Lexington Ave. @ 106th St.

Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017

Cinequest Film & VR Festival (CQFF) in San Jose / Silicon Valley: Set in the home of the world’s most influential media technology companies (Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn etc.) CQFF showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology—empowering global connectivity between creators, innovators and audiences.

February 28 – March 12

ANNY Best of Fest 2016

Thurs-Fri, Sept 29-30, all day

The ANNY Best of Fest is a two day festival featuring Animation Screenings, VR Animation Experiences, Professional Panels, Art Installations, and Industry Events located at 180 Maiden lane and various locations around the South Street Seaport area of NYC.

2016 ANNY Best of Fest Current Schedule


Animation Nights New York at 180 Maiden Lane (photo credit: Ellen Qbertplaya)

2016 ANNY Best of Fest Featured Events

– Animation Screenings –

Our panel judges selected 20 films from the 200 films at our monthly curated screening events (Sept 2015 – July 2016). The main screening will happen in two parts. After the screenings, our 2016 ANNY Best of Fest filmmakers will receive free one year subscriptions to both Craft and Stash. The Animation for Adults award will be announced and the filmmaker will receive a gift from Wacom.

Tommy Stathes projects films pre-Walt Disney with a nautical theme for the South Street Seaport

NYT Op-Docs Animated Life series
TED-Ed shorts
The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead, An animated feature by Elliot Cowan
Animated Feature Film (Filmrise TBA)

– Art Installations –

In collaboration with Animation Nights New York and REVRIE Immersive Works, ANDERSON CONTEMPORARY is pleased to present

An exhibit of animation drawings, cells, video,
painting and sculptures
September 14 – October 7, 2016
Opening: Wed, Sept 14, 6pm-8pm

Featured artists/filmmakers include:
Nin Brudermann, Anthony Haden-Guest, Emily Hubley, Jeff Scher, Jaime Ekkens, Dustin Grella, Signe Baumane, Bill Plympton, Cagil Harmandar, Fluidtoons, Cem Kurtulus, Jake Nelson, M. Henry Jones, Marco Brambilla

– VR Animation Showcase –

REVRIE Immersive Works is putting together a VR showcase including multiple VR Experiences on various platforms including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear.

– Professional Panels –

Our panelists cover advancement in technology and how that relates to content. Panelists include: Revrie VR, Framestore, Michael Ferraro, Tom Snyder, and Flickerlab.

Using animation to convey fact based content in an appealing way. Panelists include TED-Ed, NYT Op-Docs, Drew Jordan Media, and Sashko Danylenko Art.

Animation as a vehicle for community outreach. Panelists include Hey Mister!, Mythic Bridge, The Animation Project, and Hayburn Studios (Glasgow)

The Animation Project (TAP) nurtures the social, emotional and cognitive growth of court-involved youth, using digital art technology as a therapeutic medium. Through collaborative animation production and mastery of industry-standard tools, TAP participants enhance their interpersonal skills and develop job readiness.Experience how TAP is changing lives at a screening of The Cut: Short Film’s from the Animator’s of TAP, Thursday September 29 at ANNY Best of the Fest.

Emily Hubley, Leah Shore, and Anthony Haden-Guest present their respective work and talk about their respective industry experience.

Join us as we take a look at the ever growing list of alternative distribution outlets for your short animated films. Our inaugural panel will consist of representatives from Battery POP, Hard Working Movies, ViviCast, Vuier, and IN Demand. The panel will be moderated by John Andrucci, Lucky Uncle Production, who began his career in educational films, After School Specials, and Saturday morning cartoons, and is now helping filmmakers (including animators) bring their films and talents to viewers everywhere.

Fantoche 14th International Animation Festival


The core focus of Fantoche is, without a doubt, the screening of current animated short films. And to enhance this focus further, Fantoche will be giving out three new awards in this year’s Swiss Competition: the winners of the New Swiss Talent, sponsored by Jingle Jungle, and the Swiss Fantastic, sponsored by the NIFFF Festival, are both selected by the international jury of experts. The Swiss Youth Award is sponsored by the Castellinaria Festival in Bellinzona and is presented by a specially selected multilingual jury of young people from Ticino and the canton of Aargau. These are all very valuable additions to the Swiss competition.

To judge the submissions, Fantoche involves experts from storytelling, sound design, film production and film schools. The composition of the jury changes from year to year. On 11th September 2016, the Fantoche juries and the audience will award 14 prizes at the closing ceremony.