IKinema Orion

IKinema Orion is an animation technology that uses a standard HTC Vive VR headset and trackers to deliver motion capture, as well as live body tracking for VR content. IKinema’s software body-solving solution helps position the figure according to the six tracked points: head, hands, hips, and feet.


Vive’s “lighthouse” laser tracking system uses base stations that sweep the play area with a vertical and horizontal laser line 100 times per second. The sensors on the tracker see the laser flashes and send timing data back to the computer, either through the HTV headset or wirelessly via a small usb rf dongle. With two or more base stations in line-of-sight, the trackers can triangulate their position in space. Remarkably, the system can scale to larger areas with additional base stations and additional trackers.

The required hardware is somewhat configurable. A headset, hand controllers, and two base stations retail for around $800, and individual trackers can be purchased at around $100 each. IKinema is licensing Orion at $500/yr per seat, making a complete system $1600 with the headset, or under $1400 for a 6-tracker solution with 2 base stations.


Rokoko Smartsuit Pro

Rokoko has announced limited pre-orders for the Smartsuit Pro, a 19-sensor athletic suit for wireless motion capture. The suit was developed under a kickstarter campaign as SALTO.


“An entire motion capture studio in one wireless bodysuit
that is accessible and intuitive to everybody.”


Less than 150 suits are available for an invite-only early promotion, with shipping promised for February 20, 2017. Prices have not officially been announced, but expect in the range of US$2500. A Smartglove is also is in development.



  • Full body textile suit
  • Body sensors
  • Customized cables
  • Hub
  • Suit cover


  • Smartsuit Studio (Pro License)
  • Native plugins: MotionBuilder, Unreal and Unity
  • SDK

The Smartsuit Studio software allows real-time visualization of your data. You can track your movements and modify them in realtime or record them for later use. You’ll be a creator in the original sense of the word.

Export data to FBX and BVH and use anywhere
Use your exact body measures
See diagnostics for the suits in use
Real-time visualization
Up to 5 actors at the same time


iClone Mocap Plugin for Perception Neuron

The dream of animating 3D characters with your body’s own natural motion is now possible by combining the head-to-toe mocap capability of Perception Neuron, with iClone’s highly praised easy-to-use design, 3D character creation capability, motion editing, facial puppet and audio lip-sync tools. The iClone Mocap Live for Perception Neuron solution offers a complete, Live Character Animation Platform that can be exported to any game engine, or 3D application, thanks to a comprehensive FBX and BVH motion pipeline for use by small studios, school media labs, institute training centers and independent artists everywhere.

The iClone Mocap Plug-in allows you to directly stream motions from the AXIS Neuron software into iClone to save as an iClone iMotion File, allowing you to by-pass additional efforts to characterize the BVH mocap data for a specific 3D actor. Moreover, motions can also be retargeted to the characters with different body scales.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.01.24 PM 1


Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV was built to bring hard-core gaming and entertainment to the big screen. Forge TV opens the gateway for next-level Android gaming that is designed for the serious gamer. Intense graphics combined with the Razer Serval controller provide the detail and precision that is needed to dominate the living room.

Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 quad-core processor and gaming-grade graphics, the Razer Forge TV has the performance to tear through Full HD games and media. Get access to blazing fast connectivity and media streaming with Wireless AC and Gigabit Ethernet.

All this power and performance has been engineered into a sleek and compact design featuring a silent thermal solution.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.46.18 PM

With the emergence of next-level Android games made with Full HD resolution and controller support, Razer Forge TV provides a true gaming experience. Pick up where you left off when switching between your mobile device and Razer Forge TV with compatible games and media.

Forge TV on the Razer Store