Ebsynth: A Fast Example-based Image Synthesizer

ebsynth is a versatile tool for by-example synthesis of images. It can be used for a variety of image synthesis tasks, including guided texture synthesis, artistic style transfer, content-aware inpainting and super-resolution.

The focus of ebsynth is on preserving the fidelity of the source material. Unlike other recent approaches, ebsynthdoesn’t rely on neural networks. Instead, it uses a state-of-the-art implementation of non-parametric texture synthesis algorithms. Thanks to its patch-based nature, ebsynth produces crisp results, which preserve all the fine detail present in the original image.


Bannaflak Face Scan and Face Cap

App creator Bannaflak has released an update to Face Cap with an iPhoneX into Unity live facial motion capture solution.

He also offers Face Scan, an app to transfer the iPhoneX facial recognition data to an FBX model.

Face Scan exports low-detail 3D models (without blendshapes, but with limited photo-texture projection) for free

Face Cap is $44.95 to unlock recording duration.
Face Scan is $26.99 to unlock FBX export with blendshapes.

AXMA Story Maker JS

Axmasoft has released version 7 of AXMA Story Maker which is written in JavaScript and runs JS code in-game. Media options includes sprites, backgrounds, music, and choice questions, built with a node and popup window interface.

The English documentation isn’t available yet (the original is in Russian). The AXMA editor runs both online and in a downloadable standalone version for Windows, OsX, and Linux.

A pro-account allows export of HTML and modification of the exported website code. 

€19.90 https://axma.info/en/