UNITY FBX EXPORTER round-trip workflow

UNITY FBX EXPORTER round-trip workflow enables you to export Unity scenes to FBX, import into Maya, Maya LT, or 3ds Max.

New Features
Added support for exporting Skinned Meshes with legacy and generic animation
– Added support for exporting Lights with animatable properties (Intensity, Spot Angle, Color)
– Added support for exporting Cameras with animatable properties (Field of View)
Added ability to export animation on transforms
Added ability to export animation clips from Timeline
– Added new UI to set export settings
– Added multi-file import to Maya plugin
– Added multi-file export by scene selection to Maya plug-in
– Added multi-file import to 3ds Max plug-in
– Added multi-file export by scene selection to 3ds Max plug-in
– Added UI to help manage name changes when updating Linked Prefabs
Added support for exporting Blendshapes

Rig inside Unity with Puppet:3D

Puppet3D is a professional rigging toolset for Unity.


  • AUTORIG – Rig it in a minute! Makes rigging a biped really fast.
  • Create bones and skin them to any character or asset.
  • IK & FK – Make IK controls for the limbs, which can blend between IK and FK.

Create a “Mod-Rig” on a humanoid in 1 click, to modify or make new animations.

  • Advanced Rigging – Spline Controls for tails and bendy things, Parent, Orient, IK and Global controls.
  • Paint the Skin Weights.
  • Voxel based default skin weights. Spreads the weights through the characters volume.
  • Pose Saving & Loading
  • Bake Control Animations Onto Bones

Puppet:3D on the Unity Asset Store

Apollo Light-Based Shaders for Unity

 Teaser of Apollo Skin Shader

Apollo Light Based Shaders are a new PBR shader system available on Unity’s Asset Store. Based on Unity’s standard shader but with advanced controls over over ambient and global illumination, a custom subsurface saturation control called “Prometheus”, and a system for updating individual reflection map “drops” per shader are all promising, but the (unreleased) skin shader may be its strongest asset.


Blend Shape Presets Tool

Blend Shape Presets Tool for Unity generates templates of blendshapes presets that can be shared between different characters that have the same set of blend shapes (ie: figures created using the same figure creation system). Dependent sub-meshes like teeth and eyelashes are not supported yet, but the author has promised to look into it.

“You can easily create facial expressions by combining multiple blend shapes into presets. Each preset is controled by a single parameter. So it’s easy to include the API in your game script.

“You can create different templates with variations using the same expression name, so you can create differences between characters without any line of code, just by changing the template.

“Another advantage is that you don’t have to deal with the original blendshapes names, you can use your own naming. If two characters don’t have the same blend shapes names, you can unify them with two template files (one for each character) using the same presets names.

Different blend modes are available : Blend, Min, Max, Override.

A “pro” version is also available with source code.


With UMotion Community you can create as many animations as you like using the well known forward kinematics approach. All basic features like Root Motion, Animation Events,… are included.

With UMotion Professional you’re able to import and edit animations created in external applications (including motion capture animations). With the Inverse Kinematics and the Child-Of constraint you can create good looking animations even faster.

Key Features:
[PRO] Import Mocap and 3rd Party Animations (from the Asset Store or any modeling application)
[PRO] Constraint System (Inverse Kinematics, Child-Of and Custom Property)
Bone Animations (useful for characters, creatures,…)
Transform Animations (useful for not rigged models like most guns on the Asset Store)
Animate in Play Mode (play the game, pause to edit the animation and continue playing)
Humanoid, Generic and Legacy Animations
Root Motion
Animation Events
Detailed Documentation
Video Tutorials