FaceCap Configure Profiles and Live Remapper Update

Updates to FaceCap include saving configuration profiles, a 1-button automatic setup, and custom avatars – plus a new OSC Receiver component for Unity.

my stuff on Itch: https://wetcircuit.itch.io

Bannaflak’s FaceCap: https://www.bannaflak.com/face-cap/index.html
hizzlefoff’s FaceCap OSC Receiver for Unity: https://github.com/hizzlehoff/FaceCapOSCReceiverExample

Ext-OSC: https://github.com/Iam1337/extOSC

FACE CAP ‘Live Mode’ into UNITY

Facial motion Capture in real-time for video blogs and channel hosts! Record videos with Unity and your custom avatar!

I’ll take you through my entire process, how I set up my studio, Unity plug-ins, WiFi tricks, OSC and sample scenes from GitHub, and more!