Remote Control UNITY with OSC (Open Sound Control)

I’m using TouchOSC to remote control lights and camera in my Unity project thanks to Ext:OSC and Playmaker.

Face Cap Live Mode documentation –

Ext:OSC –

Colored Light Cookies –

Skinn Pro: Extract Load Transfer Blend Shapes in Unity

Extract Mixamo’s facial blend shapes from an Adobe Fuse figure, and transfer them to another figure exported from Fuse, using a plugin in Unity.

13:15 Extract Blend Shapes
16:48 Load Blend Shapes with the Blend Shape Wizard
21:50 Transfer blend shapes between similar topology

Skinn Pro on itch –

EditorExportOBJ script –

FaceCap Configure Profiles and Live Remapper Update

Updates to FaceCap include saving configuration profiles, a 1-button automatic setup, and custom avatars – plus a new OSC Receiver component for Unity.

my stuff on Itch:

Bannaflak’s FaceCap:
hizzlefoff’s FaceCap OSC Receiver for Unity: