Sequencer is ready to use in Unreal Engine 4.12! This is a fully non-linear, real-time cinematics and animation tool, and the successor to Matinee. It has many powerful features, including automatic keyframing, cinematic cameras, and live gameplay recording. Sequencer allows for easier collaboration on large animation projects, because you can freely organize your sequences into as many assets as you want. Sequencer will offer to import your existing Matinee animations when you open them, but Matinee is still supported as well.

Sequencer combines the power of a non-linear editor with 3D animation editing to allow you to produce in-game cinematics as well as a sequence of shots for film, television, and previsualization.



Sequencer’s non-linear workflow gives you the ability to compose and edit your shots in a creative and iterative fashion. You can easily make changes to a particular shot, like change the color of a light or add a fog element, and rollback to a previous take to experiment with how your sequence comes together. It’s also designed so that multiple artists can work on multiple shots simultaneously. Check out the Subway Sequencer Project on the Learn Tab of the Launcher to see Sequencer in action.

Rearrange shots like a traditional non-linear editing package.
Create alternate takes of a shot and rollback with ease.
Make per-shot tweaks and spawn shot-specific actors.
Designed for collaboration.