Rokoko Smartsuit Pro

Rokoko has announced limited pre-orders for the Smartsuit Pro, a 19-sensor athletic suit for wireless motion capture. The suit was developed under a kickstarter campaign as SALTO.


“An entire motion capture studio in one wireless bodysuit
that is accessible and intuitive to everybody.”


Less than 150 suits are available for an invite-only early promotion, with shipping promised for February 20, 2017. Prices have not officially been announced, but expect in the range of US$2500. A Smartglove is also is in development.



  • Full body textile suit
  • Body sensors
  • Customized cables
  • Hub
  • Suit cover


  • Smartsuit Studio (Pro License)
  • Native plugins: MotionBuilder, Unreal and Unity
  • SDK

The Smartsuit Studio software allows real-time visualization of your data. You can track your movements and modify them in realtime or record them for later use. You’ll be a creator in the original sense of the word.

Export data to FBX and BVH and use anywhere
Use your exact body measures
See diagnostics for the suits in use
Real-time visualization
Up to 5 actors at the same time