NeoFur coming to Unreal

We wanted to create a short, fun, light-hearted view at what a soft and fuzzy world could look like using the NeoFur Plugin inside Unreal Engine 4. The creation of this technical demo gave us a chance to put our technology to work, find its weaknesses, and improve upon them. What you see here are the results of that work, which we feel shows the high level of fidelity that can be possible using the NeoFur Plugin.

Within this scene we see our caterpillar dynamically grow fur, we see it change color, shape and size, and we see it dynamically react to its own movements and environment. In addition, we see the NeoFur plugin used to create mossy branches, moss patches, and fuzzy flowers. These are found throughout the video and help give the environment its soft and fuzzy ambiance, something truly valuable for a believable organic environment.

From the start we wanted to build a solution that works seamlessly across platforms like PC, Oculus/VR and mobile. We focused on fidelity, performance, and ease of use.

We are planning to release the plugin as part of the Unreal marketplace later in Fall 2015.

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