Manuel Bastioni Laboratory

Manuel Bastioni Laboratory is a free and open source advanced tool to turn your Blender in a powerful laboratory for 3d humanoids creation. Models include a standard skeleton and a well tested rigging, developed in order to match most of external applications and motion capture files.


The skeleton is auto-fitted to morphings, without needing of geometry helpers. The new generation topology includes eyebrows, teeth, tongue, eyelashes, gum, and eyes as part of main mesh in order to morph them and easily export them in external software, without dealing with fitting/compatibility issues.

Meshes are optimized for subdivision surface and sculpting. Their topologies are studied to include many details (collarbone, elbow bones, ankle bones, main muscles, etc.).

Anthropological phenotypes library
Caucasian: Central European, Afrocaucasian, East European, North European, Euromediterranean, Euroartic, North West European, West Asian
Asian: Central Asian, North Asian, East Asian, South Asian, Central American, North American
Afro: Afromediterranean, Afroasian, Aboriginal, African

Algorithm to modify and finish the morphing in order to fit the expressions to the face shape. Morphings can be converted in standard Blender shapekeys. Automatic generation of random characters: introduction of special constrains, to allow the possibility to keep constant the characters heritage.