NeoFur for Unity

Neoglyphic Entertainment Launches NeoFur for Unity: 20% Launch Sale for December 2016.

The award-winning NeoFur plugin to create dynamic, realistic fur and fuzzy surfaces for console, PC, cinematic, mobile and VR/AR now available to Unity developers. Previously available only on Unreal Engine 4 and in closed beta for Unity, NeoFur is an easy-to-use, in-editor tool that simplifies the creative process for developers. The tool allows authoring of high quality, fully dynamic fur (or short fibers) in real-time. NeoFur enables developers to tackle the creation of often challenging furry and fibrous characters, objects, and soft textures at an authenticity level that has never been achieved in a real-time engine.

Features available now in Unity and Unreal:
• Simple: Use an authored morph target or blendshape to control the “extents” of your shells—as simple as modeling the “shape” you want your fur to take.
• Traditional: Use authored Splines from traditional hair and fur authoring solutions to drive shell growth.
• Physics can be simulated via Compute Shader or a Software mode
• Physics parameters such as gravity, stiffness, etc. are controllable by the user
• Physics support for Engine—specific Wind and Radial forces
• Our shells can both receive and cast dynamic shadows
• Multiple methods for base coloring via Texture mapping, Root-to-tip color values, Gradient map sampling, and more.
• Rim lighting, Ambient Occlusion, Scattering, and advanced Specular controls.
• Ability to add random variance to per-strand scattering, per-strand tangents for specular breakup, etc.

Additional features available in NeoFur 2.0 for Unreal only:
• Motion blur applies accurately to our shell solution thanks to a custom solution that helps feed proper velocity values into each vertex.
• Deferred Anisotropic shading for hair and fur gives beautiful specular highlights, per – strand light scattering, color propagation and more.
• The tangents of our shell vertices are updated in real-time to feed into the anisotropic direction in the shader – meaning accurate directional highlights with no extra work.
• A procedural poisson-packing algorithm pre-calculates the position of every strand.
• Novel techniques allow driving Color, Density, Blending and Growth at a Per-strand level.
• No strands are partially colored
• Density controls actually remove individual strands and make a sparse density of strands
• Color blending at a per-strand level means we can avoid soft fades, and instead get strand colors that peppers and gradiate into each other properly.
• Our system allows for two layers of fur coats, with no extra geometry or fill rate
• Both the Undercoat and Overcoat (guard hairs) have individual controls for Scale, Coloring, scattering, roughness, density, and more. This allows for more accurate modeling of realistic animal features.

PERSONAL $19 (Unity or Unreal)
INDIE $99 (Unity or Unreal)
PRO $349 (Unreal)