GONE – a serialized VR thriller

Virtual Reality Production by WEVR, Produced by Skybound Entertainment for Samsung Milk VR.

A serialized virtual reality thriller, GONE centers on Meredith Clover, a mother consumed with the search for her missing daughter. Nine-year-old Emilia Clover vanished impossibly, in broad daylight, before a dozen baffled useless witnesses. Navigating a complicated trail of increasingly surreal clues and her own daughter’s closely guarded secrets, Meredith discovers that her Emilia is much more than simply gone.

Breaking new ground in virtual reality, GONE will immerse visitors in the mystery, allowing users to navigate multiple points of view within environments. Visitors won’t solve the mystery of GONE without exploring all of its darker corners.

GONE is created by author, writer, and director JT Petty known for his work across mediums including SPLINTER CELL, THE BURROWERS, and OUTLAST. The series is produced for Samsung Milk VR, a premium virtual reality content service, by Skybound Entertainment’s David Alpert, Executive Producer of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD franchise and Cinemax’s upcoming exorcism series, OUTCAST.
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Salto – Motion Capture Suit


Salto is a sensor suit for fullbody motion capture that has completed its Kickstarter campaign. It uses 19 gyro-accelorametor-magnetometors to track each sensor’s location, feeding it to an SD-based recorder on-suit, or tethered to a computer via WiFi. Gloves are also an option. The suit is half the price of Noitom’s Perception Neuron.



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Enlighten – Unity 5 Mobile

Enlighten powers real-time global illumination in Unity 5, even on mobile tablets as in the Transporter demo. Enlighten dynamically records indirect bounce light to low-res UV maps, which are blended into the shader, along with with scene lights and reflection probes. Texture-based emissive lights (glowing textures) are created in the same deferred render pass, including skylight.


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