Gift Shopping

With online shopping, you do not have to go through the hassle of choosing a gift, packing it, and then sending it to your family, you can just order it online and get the best discounts at the same time (get more info here). You can create a gift registry and buy gifts as soon as you are ready to accept them. Create a Gift Registry If you wish to create a gift registry for yourself, you will need to register on Gumtree, Etsy, or Ebay and have items for purchase. The easiest method of creating your own gift registry is to simply upload your gift wish list from one of the sites mentioned above. As gifts are added to your registry, the seller will receive your e-mail confirmation. You can also take part in a gift registry by inviting friends to join. If you’re buying someone a gift for a special occasion, be sure to giftwrap their gift!

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How to Giftwrap Gifts in a Different Language If your friend doesn’t speak the gift language, you can write your request on an envelope that reads: “This is for you, dear friend.” Place the envelope inside a gift wrapper that includes the gift’s name, a personal note and a special date. Include the greeting, date and a gift. If you’re shopping online, you can choose an address or store listing with the name of the recipient. Read about How to Purchase a Gift

Why Can’t I buy gifts for my friend at the store? You can’t buy a gift for a person you don’t know at a store. Why? The store may have a “no gift” policy. That’s because a store doesn’t want to risk the gift getting into the wrong hands. It could be stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged. The gift wouldn’t have an owner. It could end up in the wrong hands and then they could use it as an identity theft target. There are also stores that don’t want to be responsible for a stolen gift. They might have procedures in place to make sure all purchases have been made in a secure location. They’d still have to watch out for stolen items if a gift gets into the wrong hands.

So if you’re shopping in a store that has a “no gift” policy, make sure you know what it is. If you’re unsure, ask the employee. If they are unable to tell you or are unaware, it is most likely because of this gift policy.

It’s best to give a gift anonymously if possible. Don’t have a family member or other person with access to your email account give out a gift. That way the gift won’t go to a place that someone in the family might be able to view it. To know more about sending gifts online go to this website.

Procedural Listening

Fully-procedural animation. I’m using a function state machine (Playmaker) to trigger random timing on expressions and head tilts, and an IK system smooths the movement of the head, neck, and shoulders at slightly different timings.

I ended up creating an elaborate gimbal of parented rotating joints so the chin could point in one direction and the eyes another. The IK system is set up to follow the rotation of one of the gimbal joints, rather than rotating the head directly.