CrazyTalk Animator 3 (wip)

The new CrazyTalk Animator 3 allows you to instantly turn 2D images and simple graphics into fully animatable characters in a fun and intuitive way like you have never done before. With the new and powerful Free­Bone Tools you can align bone controls along any image shape, create separated bone layers, or subdivide a surface to smoothly squash, stretch, bend and animate any unique designs in just minutes.

Animate the way you always dreamed, by no longer key framing your character animations and simply aligning a bone template to character for instant animated results.

Features covered in Work In Progress I:
* Free Bone Control – instantly give life to any image, graphic or object.
* Character Bone Template ­ vast motion libraries create cartoon style characters.
* Elastic Motion System ­ organic performances for animations and presentations.

Know More about CrazyTalk Animator 3:

Live2D – Cubism Editor Pro

Live 2D Cubism Editor 2.1 animates illustrations with seamless PSD layer integration, smooth 2D mesh deformation, an animator, and an SDK for exporting to various formats including Adobe Flash, WebGL, and Unity.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.58.20 PM

2D Polygon Mapping

Live2D model is composed of texture assets. Each texture asset is mapped with editable 2D polygons specific to its shape. Manual mapping and manipulation of 2D polygons can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, but Modeler is equipped with powerful efficiency tools including Magnetic Mapping and Dust Removal which substantially speed up the mapping task.

Animation Tool Dedicated to Live2D Model

Once a Live2D model is created with Modeler, import the Live2D model(s) into Animator’s timeline to configure and program movements (motion tracks) using motion parameters associated with each specific Live2D model. Animator lets you create motion tracks with familiar user interfaces, such as visual animation tools, keyframe-based timelines, and a stage where you can drag-and-drop models. It also has interactive functionalities including Auto Lip-sync, in which Animator automatically generates lip movements according to an external voice file assigned.Devices2

Live2D Cubism SDK (Middleware for game/app developers and publishers)

Cubism SDK is a bridge between art and game development to run Live2D assets real-time in your game. Live2D supports a wide range of development platforms.

Compatible Platforms
PS Vita
Price is approximately $255 – $1200, with different licenses for commercial use.

Live 2D – Cubism Editor Pro