3D Coat 4.7

Pilgway releases 3D Coat 4.7. The sculpting/painting app adds new PBR shaders and smart materials, multiple map baking, texture channel packing, and improved low-poly retopo tools.



Key Features:
– New Physically Based Shader. Now GGX lighting natively supported.
This means:
– Almost all Voxel Shaders are PBR compatible now. Each shader has rich set of parameters, including different textures, SSS, Gloss, Metalness, Cavity and Bulge settings. Very good support of cavity and bulge is present in realtime.
– All PBR shaders effects (except pseudo SSS effect) are exactly baked into paint room.
– PicMat-s are also present but it is not guaranteed that they will be baked correctly, so use them only on intermediate stage.
– GGX exact support means compatibility with most of current game and render engines.
– Painting over mesh is “as is” without modulation on background shader color. But painting over layer 0 is disabled for Voxels/Surface.
– Multiple maps Baking, including AO, SSS.
– New Export Constructor. It allows to pack many channels into one texture in custom way. It helps to adopt 3D-Coat’s texture export for any render or game engine.
– Anti-aliased painting introduced everywhere: Vertex Painting, PPP, MV, Ptex. It is applied to stencils, materials, brushes, text, curved pictures.
– New low-poly modeling Retopo Tools: Cut and Connect, Extrude faces, extrude vertices, Intrude, Shell.
– New Primitives Added: screws, spirals, etc with rich Options set.
– 3D-Printing Export function included in PRO version.

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