Budget 360° Video Cams Are Almost Here

Two low-cost 360° cameras are almost shipping, assuming you purchased them over a year ago during their Kickstarter campaigns. the Bubl and Giroptic cameras are both small enough to be handheld, feature internal image stitching and live streaming, and both are under $1000.


The elegantly minimal Bublcam uses 4 lenses to capture full spherical video to slightly less than 1080p at 30 fps. The website lists the retail price at $799.


The pear-shaped Giroptic 360cam won’t win any beauty contests (reminds me of Cookie Puss™ the bug-eyed ice cream cake from outer space) but may be friendlier to use, having an ergonomic orientation that invites it being held in the palm of your hand. With only 3 lenses it has blind spots (about 300° vertical), but swappable battery/base-mounts provide an ethernet connection or interestingly a light socket connection. The website lists the retail at $499.

Both cameras completed their Kickstarter funding in 2014. The Bublcam should ship to backers before the end of the year, while the 360cam may ship in the first months of 2016.

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