Unity CineCast live demo

CineCast allows you to direct the story.”

Adam Myhill and professional gamer Stephanie Harvey gave a sneakpeek of CineCast, an AI camera tool under development at Unity and French AI institute INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique)

After a confusing live demo of a multi-player assault game, Myhill and Harvey explained details of the new technology, which uses a story manager AI to selectively “live edit” various CineMachine cameras into a single visual feed – effectively an automated broadcast video-editing truck that “anticipates” the best angles.

Harvey: “It’s like having a film production crew inside the game, working for me to get the best shots. I went fully-automatic a couple of times, but I was also able to focus on specific shots that I wanted.”

Myhill: “We delay CineCast by three seconds, but don’t delay CineMachine, so the cameras can see into the future by 3 seconds, and we can cut and show things just before they happen.”

Cinemachine, procedural camera rig for Unity is now free!

Cinemachine is unified procedural camera system for AAA games, film pre-visualization and virtual cinematography eSports solutions. Originally released last year, Cinemation was bought by Unity and the base rig is now free on the Asset Store.

Cinemachine’s CEO, Adam Myhill, has joined Unity as Head of Cinematics.

Cinemachine Base Rig includes these components:
Composer – cinematically tracks and composes whatever target you define, be it an object or bone in your character. It’s a smart camera operator which procedurally films the actions based on your direction of where you want it on screen.
Transposer – mount cameras to objects with real-time offset tuning and per-axis dampening controls
Noise multi-channel Perlin noise function which allows you to create anything from handheld behaviors to speed vibrations and everything in-between
Blender – define how any camera blends from one shot to the next. Easily create huge camera state machine setups for in-game cameras.
Priority Assign a priority to cameras and have the highest priority shot be used in any given situation.

Cinemachine can be seen in the cinematics of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak