Amazon launches Lumberyard Game Engine

Amazon has both announced and released a free game engine, Lumberyard, which offers deep integration with its Amazon Web Services server infrastructure to empower online play, and also with Twitch, its video game-focused streaming service.

The engine, including its full source code, is completely free to download and use to make PC and console games. Amazon will not charge any kind of royalty or subscription fee.

I haven’t looked into it, but a friend described it as “CryEngine with Amazon services”.
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CryEngine – Voxel-based Global Illumination

SVOTI means Sparse Voxel Octree Total Illumination, the system basically voxelizes the scene, and calculates the global illumination (GI) inside the simplified scene. It allows accurate 2 bounces GI in few milliseconds.

demo scene is here:
feature info is here:
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