A beneficial tool for synchronizing the voice and the lips of your character. This plug-in enables you to by importing the character model with shape blends, easily get the lip-synching results you want. To do this, you just have to play the needed audio through the audio-source connected to Unilip.


Abilities: 1. Real time 2. High speed 3. Ability to adjust the level of stress on specific syllables 4. Adjusting gain-spring and damp for raising the feel of animations 5. Real easy to usd 6. Blinking 7. Eye movement based on the target

Lipsync Lite

LipSync Lite is an editor extension for creating high-quality, offline lipsyncing inside Unity.

Core Features:
– Easy to use Clip Editor for synchronising dialogue.
– Custom inspector with Pose Editor.
– Presets system allows for quick character setup with many different character systems or on large projects.
– Supports both blend shape and bone transform based workflows out of the box.
– BlendSystems allow LipSync to work with many different animation systems. Use our own support for several 3rd-party assets, or create your own.
– Animations are not tied to a character, so lines of dialogue can be shared between characters without any further work.

Clip Editor Features:
– See a real-time preview of your animation as you create it in the Clip Editor.
– Built around ease-of-use, with features such as:
– Zoom/Pan Timeline
– Marker multi-selection
– Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: LipSync Lite does not support automatic lipsyncing at runtime. Clips must be created in the editor beforehand.

Homer Simpson Live

During a live broadcast segment – recorded twice for west and east coast viewers of the show – voice actor Dan Castellaneta was situated in an isolated sound booth at the Fox Sports facility listening and responding to callers while The Simpsons producer and director David Silverman operated keyboard-triggered animations with a custom keypad device that included printed animated Homer thumbnail icons. Realtime lip sync and animations were created with Adobe Character Animator. Adobe also implemented a way to send the Character Animator output directly as a video signal via SDI and enable the live broadcast.

Full article on ToonBrew:

Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right

If you want to do character facial modeling and animation at the high levels achieved in today’s films and games, Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right is for you. While thoroughly covering the basics such as squash and stretch, lip syncs, and much more, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to capture the very newest professional design techniques, as well as changes in software, including using Python to automate tasks.

Shows you how to create facial animation for movies, games, and more
Provides in-depth techniques and tips for everyone from students and beginners to high-level professional animators and directors currently in the field
Features the author’s valuable insights from his own extensive experience in the field
Covers the basics such as squash and stretch, color and shading, and lip syncs, as well as how to automate processes using Python
Breathe life into your creations with this important book, considered by many studio 3D artists to be the quintessential reference on facial animation.

Jason Osipa has been working in 3D since 1997, holding titles in all levels of animation, rigging, and directing in real-time and rendered 3D. He is currently running Osipa Entertainment, which offers contracting, consulting, and classes for games, TV, Direct-to-Video, and film. Prior to opening his own company, he worked at gaming industry giants LucasArts and EA, among others.