Marvelous Designer 8

A new release of Marvelous Designer is coming November 7th with a number of innovative features including: 3D Sewing, Trace Pattern from UV, Automated  Arrangement Point/ Bounding Volume set-up for new avatars, and a Sculpt Brush for painting wrinkles and folds into clothes.

A new in-progress feature called Remeshing (beta) looks to replace the buggy Tri-to-Quad-Mesh conversion.

Marvelous Designer 5.5 beta

Marvelous Designer has announced a semi-open beta for its upcoming version 5.5, open to users with a 5.x license. New features include a Photoshop-like History panel, Merge patterns and Symmetric Sewing, advanced tools for pleats and connecting any number of patterns to any number of patterns (M:N Sewing), and Multiple Internal Lines with procedural offset for realistic details like overlapping seams. Updated export options include Multiple UV Guides, and MCX and Alembic File Export.

Download the beta here:

John Gotch is the guest speaker at CGSociety Live Session. A game artist on Metal Gear Solid V shows off his 3D clothing design work with Marvelous Designer 5.5