iPhone X vs Mixamo: Blend Shapes

Apple’s ARKit FACS blend shapes compared to Mixamo’s FACS blend shapes.

red indicates there is no equivalent blend shape on the other system

iPhone X

0 :  browInnerUp 
1 :  browDown_L 
2 :  browDown_R 
3 :  browOuterUp_L 
4 :  browOuterUp_R 

5 :  eyeLookUp_L 
6 :  eyeLookUp_R 
7 :  eyeLookDown_L 
8 :  eyeLookDown_R 
9 :  eyeLookIn_L 
10 :  eyeLookIn_R 
11 :  eyeLookOut_L 
12 :  eyeLookOut_R 
Mixamo uses eye bones

13 :  eyeBlink_L 
14 :  eyeBlink_R 
15 :  eyeSquint_L 
16 :  eyeSquint_R 
17 :  eyeWide_L 
18 :  eyeWide_R 

19 :  cheekPuff 
20 :  cheekSquint_L 
21 :  cheekSquint_R 

22 :  noseSneer_L 
23 :  noseSneer_R 

24 :  jawOpen 
mouthOpen on Mixamo
25 :  jawForward 
26 :  jawLeft
27 :  jawRight 

28 :  mouthFunnel 
mouthNarrow on Mixamo
29 :  mouthPucker 
mouthWhistle on Mixamo

30 :  mouthLeft 
31 :  mouthRight 
32 :  mouthRollUpper 
33 :  mouthRollLower 
34 :  mouthShrugUpper 
35 :  mouthShrugLower 

36 :  mouthClose 
combines with jawOpen for ‘chew’

37 :  mouthSmile_L 
38 :  mouthSmile_R 
39 :  mouthFrown_L 
40 :  mouthFrown_R 
41 :  mouthDimple_L
42 :  mouthDimple_R 

43 :  mouthUpperUp_L 
44 :  mouthUpperUp_R 
45 :  mouthLowerDown_L 
46 :  mouthLowerDown_R 

47 :  mouthPress_L 
48 :  mouthPress_R 
49 :  mouthStretch_L
50 :  mouthStretch_R 
jaw rotate on Mixamo

51 :  tongueOut 


0 :  Blink_Left 
1 :  Blink_Right 

2 :  BrowsDown_Left 
3 :  BrowsDown_Right 
4 :  BrowsIn_Left 
5 :  BrowsIn_Right 
6 :  BrowsOuterLower_Left 
7 :  BrowsOuterLower_Right 
8 :  BrowsUp_Left 
9 :  BrowsUp_Right 

10 :  CheekPuff_Left 
11 :  CheekPuff_Right 

12 :  EyesWide_Left 
13 :  EyesWide_Right 

14 :  Frown_Left 
15 :  Frown_Right 

16 :  JawBackward 
17 :  JawForeward 

18 :  JawRotateY_Left
19 :  JawRotateY_Right 
20 :  JawRotateZ_Left
21 :  JawRotateZ_Right 
mouthPress, mouthStretch on iPhone

22 :  Jaw_Down 
23 :  Jaw_Left 
24 :  Jaw_Right 
25 :  Jaw_Up 

26 :  LowerLipDown_Left 
27 :  LowerLipDown_Right 
28 :  LowerLipIn 
29 :  LowerLipOut 

30 :  Midmouth_Left 
31 :  Midmouth_Right 
32 :  MouthDown 

33 :  MouthNarrow_Left 
34 :  MouthNarrow_Right 
mouthFunnel on iPhone

35 :  MouthOpen 
jawOpen on iPhone

36 :  MouthUp 

37 :  MouthWhistle_NarrowAdjust_Left 
38 :  MouthWhistle_NarrowAdjust_Right 
mouthPucker on iPhone

39 :  NoseScrunch_Left 
40 :  NoseScrunch_Right 

41 :  Smile_Left 
42 :  Smile_Right 

43 :  Squint_Left 
44 :  Squint_Right 

45 :  TongueUp 

46 :  UpperLipIn 
47 :  UpperLipOut 
48 :  UpperLipUp_Left 
49 :  UpperLipUp_Right 

iPhone X vs Mixamo: Blend Shapes Smackdown

I compare the iPhone X blend shapes with Mixamo blend shapes! My suggestions for remapping with Face Cap to a stock Adobe Fuse figure with Auto-rigger blend shapes. Plus, some history on how these 2 systems evolved and types of blend shapes typically found on 3D figures.

I made a child for Adobe Fuse

I demo the child body base I made for Adobe Fuse….

My puppet head is a bit wobbly because I’m running too many real-time apps on my computer.


A deep dive into the Fuse texture room. The substance™ skin generator in Fuse is really nice but (as far as I know) undocumented. I spent a few weeks last summer studying the tool and got much better textures for my figures, so I’ve put together this talk to share what I learned. It’s long (1hr), and assumes you are already familiar with Fuse.

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