OpenEXR Offline Render for Unity

Offline Render is a easy to use, realtime capture plugin for Unity. It allows you to capture the game view to a multi-channel OpenEXR, supporting not just the final output image, but also some common elements, like depth, per-light shadows, diffuse, AO (if present in scene as an Image Effect) and other G-Buffers.

Offline Render allows you to render your Unity scenes and take them into a normal post-production pipeline using your favorite compositing software.


  • multi-channel OpenEXR output
  • Offscreen rendering
  • setup target framerate
  • 9 out of the box render elements (Diffuse, Specular, Emission/Lighting, Reflections, Depth, Velocity, Normals, AO, Motion Vectors)

requires deferred rendering path
shadow pass only works with directional lights

Renderator Pro

There are essentially two methods to capture game-engine footage to video, either using video hardware/software to record the screen in realtime as it plays, or instructing the game to save incremental screengrabs as part of its function loop. While many timeline and cutscene sequencers have the ability to render frames, sometimes you just need that one function without the timeline…

Renderator Pro allows you to render an image sequence of any Unity project in UltraHD 4k and beyond, at 60fps or more on any PC or Mac, while the Free version can be used to create high resolution screenshots of your project on the fly (Editor only) that can be used for print or poster art. I was able to save a render from my Unity camera that was 10240 x 5760 pixels, even though my monitor is only large enough to comfortably display the Game window at 1280 x 720. In effect, Renderator pauses the game and saves a high-res render texture to disc, preserving image effects and defeating the need for anti-aliasing.

Renderator Free captured this high-res frame at 10240 x 5760. Click for full image (41.4MB)

Renderator Pro costs $20 and claims to render with alpha channel, but currently does not. The author promises that feature is pending.