Autodesk Stingray 1.4

Stingray 1.4 brings many new workflows to game makers and design visualization professionals. Stingray connectivity with Autodesk 3D animation tools is better than ever with Level Sync; now you can export and sync entire scenes between Stingray and Maya or Maya LT. We’ve also improved support for VR platforms, adding support for Oculus Rift SDK 1.3 and SteamVR SDK 0.9.19, in addition to adding new visual scripting capabilities for the Vive controllers. AI behaviors can be more varied with support for multiple NavMeshes, artists can edit UV offset and scales directly in Stingray, and much, much more.

What’s New
– Level Sync with Maya and Maya LT
– WebGL2 support
– VR support
– Flow scripting for Vive controllers
– Cross-project asset sharing
– Multiple databases for Gameware Navigation
– Edit UV scale/offset values in Stingray
– Editor plug-in framework unveiled
– The Plugin Manager
– Material interop support for 3ds Max
– Expanded Android support
– Asset Browser improvements
– Shader Graph improvements
– Flow scripting improvements
– Uniform scaling
– Support for TIFF files
– Cloth simulation improvements
– Sort decals
– Improved rendering performance
– GLSL lens effect shaders
– New Stingray light baker settings
– Updated PhysX plug-in

Stingray offers a powerful rendering system that can deliver superb visuals. It also includes tools to help game makers achieve the desired look and feel of their game.

– Physically based shading and materials help you create more realistic-looking game worlds that can mimic real-world visual effects.
– A variety of post-processed visual effects can help game makers of any skill create advanced looks without affecting performance.
– Create advanced particles, such as lit particles and dynamic shadows, with little extra development work, to add ambiance and feeling to a game.
– Lightmap baking with Beast global illumination technology can help you create realistic-looking lighting effects with minimal performance impact.
– A high-performance reflection system allows for more believable and visually impressive game environments.