Unigine 2

UNIGINE is designed to handle virtual worlds of unprecedented scale without limits. Unigine features 64-bit double precision math (instead of regular 32-bit float precision) to define coordinates of objects in the virtual scene. Therefore it is possible to create virtually unlimited worlds with the highest level of detail (maximum coordinates are effectively 536,870,912 times larger than for 32-bit float precision). Game engines normally operate with float precision only.

In the virtual scene, object transformations (including locating, rotating and scaling), animation and physics implementation with float precision lead to a positioning errors, which in turn cause objects to jitter. Positioning errors also may lead to a vertex collapse so a mesh will have distorted shape.
In reality, float precision limitations are noticeable even on scenes larger than 10×10 km due to the accumulation of positioning errors, so double precision should be used for anything larger to maintain accuracy.


UNIGINE supports very detailed terrain up to thousands of kilometres in size. Large-scale natural locations and dense urban environments can be easily filled with objects thanks to the automatic placement system based on layered density masks.

Some examples include:
• Coast-to-coast transportation
• Detailed urban planning projects
• Countrywide military operations
• Flight simulators of the continent scale
• Space mission simulation