SEGI – Voxel-based GI for Unity

SEGI is a DX11 voxel-based Global Illumination effect that aspires to provide 100% dynamic Global Illumination to Unity games and applications. Since it requires no precomputation, SEGI can bring GI to certain situations where precomputed solutions like Enlighten cannot!

SEGI provides indirect lighting and glossy reflections from a single directional light, the sky, and any emissive materials in the scene. In the future, SEGI will support indirect lighting from point and spot lights. SEGI calculates indirect light visibility for soft indirect shadows, and also calculates soft sky light shadows. It can render either a single bounce or infinite bounces of indirect light.


corridor light


Sonic Ether has set the price at $80 while SEGI is in beta.

CryEngine – Voxel-based Global Illumination

SVOTI means Sparse Voxel Octree Total Illumination, the system basically voxelizes the scene, and calculates the global illumination (GI) inside the simplified scene. It allows accurate 2 bounces GI in few milliseconds.

demo scene is here:
feature info is here:
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