Amefy Video

Amefy Video is a plugin to play videos directly to a texture. It uses your original video, does not convert to other formats, to give you the best performance

– Compatible with formats on the final device (mp4,mov,m4v,3gp,…)
– Can open local files and from URL
– Compatible only with IOS, WebGL and TvOS for AppleTV
– Compatible with OpenGL and Metal
– Support hight resolutions tested on iPad air with 4K video

Simple MovieTextures for Unity WebGL

Unity has updated basic support for video playback on textures in Unity WebGL.

Unity’s built-in MovieTexture class is not currently available for the WebGL platform. However, it is simple and efficient to use the browser’s built-in html5 video element to render video to a texture instead. This package provides a basic implementation of a MovieTexture class on WebGL using html5 video, with support for basic playback controls (play/pause/seek).

See the contained VideoTest.cs script for a simple sample of playing back video on a texture with a basic UI allowing playback control.!/content/38369

VLC Media Player for Unity

Add the power of VLC (Video Lan Client) Media Player directly to Unity projects with a new paid plugin on the Asset Store.

VLC Media Player for Unity lets you play any video and codec directly from Unity on Windows: 4K and high bitrate is no problem anymore, since it’s rendered with Direct3D on your GPU.

* Play video in background (behind UI and 3D elements)
*Better performance at video start
*Fixed possible flickering at video start on slow computers

* Play any video: mkv, mp4, divx …
* Play in 4K with Direct3D on GPU even on older PCs
* Special VLC version is included in your build…
* or: you can use an installed VLC on the machine and save a bit of filesize
* Play videos from StreamingAssets or from any location accessible
* Fullscreen and Windowed playback
* Render Video on UI Elements
* Call control functions like Play() etc from your scripts

Works only on Windows at the moment. Future versions might bring OSX and Linux support.
Tested on PCs with Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

VLC Media Player for Unity on the Asset Store