Helios – 3D 360° Video

Helios is a 3D/360° video capture plugin for Unity that allows you to capture stunning recordings from the Unity editor in popular 3D formats such as Equirectangular and Stereographic projection. It will create videos you can directly up load to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook in native 360 format.

Although Helios is an Offline Rendering system which has a focus on High resolution and high frame rate, it does come with a session recording system that you can record camera movement data in normal speed which is played back at render time. The audio can also be recorded during live play and merged with the offline rendered video.

It can also record and render a traditional “2D” camera, and (coming soon) create high-quality animated GIFs.

-Capture video in 480, 720,1080 and 4K cinematic aspect ratios
-Record at 24,30 and 60 FPS
-Automatically encode MP4 video
-Automatically adds 360 spatial metadata to videos
-Support realtime audio recordings
-Videos compatible with Oculus Headsets
-Videos compatible with Vive Headsets
-Videos compatible with Google Cardboard
-Videos compatible with Web Browser and Mobile phone 360 video players
-Traditional 2D camera rig included
-Support Equirectangular videos
-Support Stereographic (little planet) videos
-Record specified frames in a range
-Hotkey Recording
-Session recorder to record live player movement for later recording
-Built in antialiasing
-Custom super fast shaders
-JPEG and PNG image support
-2D and 3D demo scenes included
-Full source code included
-Works in Deferred and Forward rendering