Rove3D beta, pathtrace rendering for Unity

Rove3D is a production quality pathtracer for use in interactive applications. It uses the same technology used in high-end CG films, with an efficiency that allows it to be used in interactive applications like arch-viz. The ultimate goal for Rove is to bring pathtracing to real-time applications, such as video games and simulations.

* Runs in Unity Indie and Pro.
* Renders directly to DirectX or OpenGL texture.
* Integrates with any existing GUI.
* Works with most image effects and post-processing.
* Runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
* Supports fully dynamic lights and geometry.
* Built-in dynamic physical sky environment.
* Multi-layered materials supporting isotropic/anistropic roughness.
* Uses OpenCL, running on AMD and Nvidia cards.

Rove3D beta will be released December 13 for $349, available first on
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