I made a child for Adobe Fuse

I demo the child body base I made for Adobe Fuse….

My puppet head is a bit wobbly because I’m running too many real-time apps on my computer.


A deep dive into the Fuse texture room. The substance™ skin generator in Fuse is really nice but (as far as I know) undocumented. I spent a few weeks last summer studying the tool and got much better textures for my figures, so I’ve put together this talk to share what I learned. It’s long (1hr), and assumes you are already familiar with Fuse.

Procedural Listening

Fully-procedural animation. I’m using a function state machine (Playmaker) to trigger random timing on expressions and head tilts, and an IK system smooths the movement of the head, neck, and shoulders at slightly different timings.

I ended up creating an elaborate gimbal of parented rotating joints so the chin could point in one direction and the eyes another. The IK system is set up to follow the rotation of one of the gimbal joints, rather than rotating the head directly.