(Unity embed is temporarily off-line until I get the container compliant for SSL)

A simple WebGL Unity export (no, it doesn’t do anything else) running inside an HTML5 “container” interface (created with Tumult Hype) embedded in a WordPress page. I’ve added some simple buttons to select between WebGL 1.0 and 2.0, but presumably the HTML5 container could auto-select based on browser detection.

I’m getting the best performance in Firefox, with a quality surprisingly similar to Unity Editor. Chrome looks almost as good but some stuttering and fps drops.

The WebGL 1.0 scene should work in low-end browsers *cough Safari* even on ios, but the drop in quality is painful. Unity’s PBR Standard Shader looks terrible with gamma settings (no hdr cameras or post effects), and shadows don’t exist at all. I have some ideas how to improve the cumbersome process of exporting the same scene at radically different qualities.

Honestly I gave up trying to make WebGL 1.0 look passible. Using different (legacy) shaders or character sprites should help. Apple has a developer’s edition of Safari with an “experimental” WebGL 2.0 implementation which didn’t work for me.