Skinn: Vertex Mapper – add clothing in Unity and export to FBX

Video tutorial for a (free) Unity tool that can skin conforming clothes to your Fuse figures.

(suitible for beginners and casual-users of Unity).

Fixes the limitations of the Fuse/Auto-rigger workflow. You can add unlimited skinned meshes after the figure has been auto-rigged. You can also skin meshes that Fuse doesn’t like – clothes with multiple materials or voluminous shapes.

The tool will copy the bones and weight-painting from your Fuse figure into clothing you’ve made in Marvelous Designer (or other software). The clothing is added as a sub-mesh on your Fuse figure, just like the Auto-rigger does.

I also show how to export as new stand-alone figure – with the bones, blend shapes, and conforming clothes intact – to FBX 2020!

Future-proof, and customize your Fuse characters. Add multiple costume/hair options, or create a base character and add the clothes later.