Rig ADOBE FUSE in AKEYTSU and animate in UNITY with FACE CAP Live

Akeytsu is so easy I can do it WRONG… and it still works! This video is soup to nuts workflow for creating a live puppet avatar.

Rig Adobe Fuse (or other) figure base meshes with AKEYTSU. Export to Unity, transfer blend shapes with Skinn Pro, and set up the puppet components for Face Cap Live.

0:00 Fuse to Akeytsu
5:20 new rig
10:05 add bones
14:50 transfer weights
20:30 Export to Unity
25:40 transfer blend shapes
30:00 Unity avatar scene
34:00 puppet components
39:15 combine sub-meshes
44:00 Mecanim Animation Rigging
46:50 Mixamo’s rig in Akeytsu

Skinn Pro: Extract Load Transfer Blend Shapes in Unity

Extract Mixamo’s facial blend shapes from an Adobe Fuse figure, and transfer them to another figure exported from Fuse, using a plugin in Unity.

13:15 Extract Blend Shapes
16:48 Load Blend Shapes with the Blend Shape Wizard
21:50 Transfer blend shapes between similar topology

Skinn Pro on itch – https://cwmanley.itch.io

EditorExportOBJ script – http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=ObjExporter#EditorObjExporter.cs

What comes after Adobe Fuse?

Musing on the end of Adobe Fuse. Royalty-Free is better than Open Source! Future-proof your 3D figures – download Fusette in ‘original pose’ before it’s too late!