Face Cap Live Mode into Unity

Facial motion Capture in real-time for video blogs and channel hosts! Record videos with Unity and your custom avatar!

I’ll take you through my entire process, how I set up my studio, Unity plug-ins, WiFi tricks, OSC and sample scenes from GitHub, and more!

Rokoko Facial Motion Capture announced

Rokoko, makers of the Smartsuit have announced a facial motion capture add-on for Rokoko Studio coming in June. Details are sparse at this time but the initial version will capture and record facial tracking data into Rokoko studio which can be broadcast along with Smartsuit data to Rokoko’s real-time plugins for Unity, Unreal, and Motionbuilder.

No information is available to show how to make real-time models compatible with iPhone X data. Other mobile devices will be supported in the future.

The subscription fee will be $35/month – hopefully that will be as flexible as the other Rokoko Studio add-ons which allow month-to-month as needed, and yearly subscriptions at a discount.